The Bill of Lefts

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Lefthanders International, the organization responsible for formulating the "Bill of Lefts," was organized to "protect the needs and interests of left-handers everywhere."

Article 1:
All persons shall be guaranteed the freedom to practice and enjoy their hand preference without influence from parents, teachers or peers.
Article 2:
"All persons shall have the privilege of diminishing the use of the word 'right' to mean 'correct,' by substituting 'OK,' 'true,' or similar affirmatives."
Article 3:
"Left-handers shall be entitled to offer their dominant hand in a handshake, salute or oath."
Article 4:
"All left-handed persons shall be entitled to make their product needs known to manufacturers and retailers."
Article 5:
Manufacturers shall have the freedom to market Lefthanded products in quantity and at competitive prices; this freedom is guaranteed by the ever increasing demand of the Lefthanded population.
Article 6:
There shall be no discrimination against Lefthanders in any field of employment or endeavour.
Article 7:
"All left-handed persons shall enjoy the freedom, encouragement and instruction to develop their talents and skills to the fullest"
Article 8:
"Left-handers shall have the freedom to refrain from apologizing for their handedness in social situations."
Article 9:
"All persons shall be entitled to actively discourage the use of the word "left" in a negative connotation; no more leftovers, left out, or lefthanded compliments."
Article 10:
"From this day forth, August 13 of each year shall be observed as International Lefthanders Day, championing the freedoms, worth and dignity of Lefthandedness throughout the world."